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  • XL-1918 Hand Saw XL-1918 Hand Saw XL-1918 Hand Saw XL-1918 Hand Saw

    XL-1918 Hand Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1918 400 17.5/16.5 10/40 51.5*29.5*35.5
    XL-1918 450 18.5/17.5 10/40 56.5*29.5*35.5
    XL-1918 500 19.5/18.5 10/40 61.5*29.5*35.5
    XL-1918 550 20.5/19.5 10/40 66.5*29.5*35.5
    XL-1918 600 21.5/20.5 10/40 71.5*29.5*35.5

  • XL-1884 Hand Saw XL-1884 Hand Saw XL-1884 Hand Saw XL-1884 Hand Saw

    XL-1884 Hand Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1884 400 17/16 10/40 52.5*31*33.5
    XL-1884 450 18/17 10/40 57.5*31*33.5
    XL-1884 500 19/18 10/40 62.5*31*33.5
    XL-1884 550 20/19 10/40 67.5*31*33.5
    XL-1884 600 21/20 10/40 72.5*31*33.5

  • XL-1882 Hand Saw XL-1882 Hand Saw XL-1882 Hand Saw XL-1882 Hand Saw

    XL-1882 Hand Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1882 400 16.5/15.5 10/40 52*30.5*32.5
    XL-1882 450 17.5/16.5 10/40 57*30.5*32.5
    XL-1882 500 18.5/17.5 10/40 62*31.5*33.5
    XL-1882 550 19.5/18.5 10/40 67*30.5*32.5
    XL-1882 600 20.5/19.5 10/40 72*30.5*32.5

  • XL-1889 Hand Saw XL-1889 Hand Saw XL-1889 Hand Saw XL-1889 Hand Saw

    XL-1889 Hand Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1889 400 16.5/15.5 10/40 53*29.5*39.5
    XL-1889 450 17.5/16.5 10/40 58*29.5*39.5
    XL-1889 500 18.5/17.5 10/40 63*29.5*39.5
    XL-1889 550 19.5/18.5 10/40 68*29.5*39.5
    XL-1889 600 20.5/19.5 10/40 73*29.5*39.5

  • XL-1931 Hand Saw XL-1931 Hand Saw XL-1931 Hand Saw XL-1931 Hand Saw

    XL-1931 Hand Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1931 400 16.5/15.5 10/40 52*30.5*32.5
    XL-1931 450 17.5/16.5 10/40 57*30.5*32.5
    XL-1931 500 18.5/17.5 10/40 62*31.5*33.5
    XL-1931 550 19.5/18.5 10/40 67*30.5*32.5
    XL-1931 600 20.5/19.5 10/40 72*30.5*32.5

  • XL-1891 Hand Saw XL-1891 Hand Saw XL-1891 Hand Saw XL-1891 Hand Saw

    XL-1891 Hand Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1891 400 16.5/15.5 10/40 52*30.5*32.5
    XL-1891 450 17.5/16.5 10/40 57*30.5*32.5
    XL-1891 500 18.5/17.5 10/40 62*30.5*33.5
    XL-1891 550 19.5/18.5 10/40 67*30.5*32.5
    XL-1891 600 20.5/19.5 10/40 72*30.5*32.5

Hand Saw

The hand saw is a common hand tool, mainly suitable for cutting wood and square materials. It usually consists of a saw blade and a handle.
The teeth of hand saws are usually three-sided, which means that each tooth has three cutting sides, which can cut through the material more efficiently, providing a faster and smoother cutting experience.
Our hand saws are small and light, easy to carry and operate, even if you are not a professional, you can quickly get up to speed with them, for home repairs, or DIY handicraft projects.


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Hand Saw Industry knowledge

What Makes a Hand Saw a Versatile Wood Cutting Tool?

When it comes to woodworking, why is a hand saw considered an essential tool for cutting wood?

A hand saw, with its simple yet effective design, is a versatile wood cutting tool that has stood the test of time. Its ability to make precise cuts and its ease of use make it an indispensable tool for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike.

A hand saw typically features a sharp, toothed blade, specifically designed for cutting through various types of wood. The blade may vary in length and tooth configuration to accommodate different cutting tasks. With a comfortable handle for a secure grip, this tool allows woodworkers to achieve accurate cuts with relative ease.

Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or just starting in the craft, a hand saw should be a fundamental part of your toolkit. Its simplicity, combined with its effectiveness, sets it apart as a must-have for anyone looking to make clean and controlled wood cuts.

Exploring the Types of Woodworking Saw Tools

What are the different types of woodworking saw tools available and how do they cater to specific cutting needs?

Woodworking encompasses a wide range of tasks, from rough cutting to intricate joinery. To meet these diverse requirements, a variety of woodworking saw tools have been developed, each tailored to a particular set of cutting tasks.

1. Hand Saw: The hand saw, as we discussed earlier, is the quintessential woodworking saw. It offers versatility and precision for a wide range of cutting tasks. Its portability and ease of use make it ideal for both professionals and hobbyists.

2. Coping Saw: A coping saw is a narrow-bladed saw with a fine-toothed blade, designed for making intricate curved cuts. It is particularly useful for detailed work, such as crafting decorative trim or coping joints.

3. Dovetail Saw: Dovetail saws are specialized for creating dovetail joints, a hallmark of fine woodworking. These saws have a thin, rigid blade with fine teeth, perfect for achieving the tight-fitting, angled cuts needed for dovetail joints.

4. Japanese Pull Saw: Japanese pull saws are known for their efficiency and precision. They cut on the pull stroke, which allows for greater control and reduces the risk of tear-out. They come in various styles, each suited to different types of cuts.

The Art of Choosing the Right Saw with Handle

Why is the handle design of a saw important, and how can it influence your choice of a saw for woodworking?

The handle of a saw may seem like a simple component, but it plays a crucial role in your woodworking experience. The handle is where you establish a connection with the tool, and its design can significantly influence your choice of a saw.

The handle of a saw should be comfortable to grip for extended periods of use. It should allow for a firm and secure hold, reducing the risk of slippage and enhancing control. Ergonomically designed handles are particularly valuable, as they minimize hand fatigue and allow for more precise cuts.

The handle's material can affect its durability and comfort. Handles are typically made from materials such as wood, plastic, or rubber. Wood offers a classic look and a warm feel, while rubber or plastic handles may provide a more comfortable grip.

Woodworking saw tools, including the hand saw, are essential for achieving precise and controlled wood cuts. Each type of saw is tailored to specific cutting needs, making them indispensable for both professionals and woodworking enthusiasts. When choosing a saw, consider the handle's design and material to ensure a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing your woodworking experience. With the right saw in hand, you can tackle a wide range of woodworking projects with confidence and precision.