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  • XL-1820 Folding Saw

    XL-1820 Folding Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1820 180 6/6.5 20pcs 34.5*22.5*28.2

  • XL -1822 Folding Saw

    XL -1822 Folding Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1822 180 5.6/5.2 20pcs 35.5*19*28.2

  • XL-1826 Folding Saw

    XL-1826 Folding Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1826 180 5/4.5 20pcs 34*22.5*24.5

  • XL-1832 Folding Saw

    XL-1832 Folding Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1832 180 4/3.5 12pcs 46.5*31*14

  • XL-1834 Folding Saw

    XL-1834 Folding Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1834 180 7.3/6.9 20pcs 34.8*26.5*28.2

  • XL-1829 Folding Saw

    XL-1829 Folding Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1829 180 13/12.5 12/48 32*37*31

Folding Saw

Folding saw is a hand tool with three-sided serrations that is commonly used in outdoor activities, gardening, and camping. It features the ability to fold into a compact shape for easy portability and storage.
The saw teeth of the folding saw are distributed on three sides of the saw blade. This design makes the saw teeth denser and enhances the cutting efficiency and speed, which can be increased by 50% compared with ordinary folding saws.
And our folding saw has a sturdy saw blade and a comfortable handle, helping you with stable operation and comfortable holding. Its folding design allows the saw blade to be completely stored inside the handle, reducing the risk of accidental injury and making it easy to carry.


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Folding Saw Industry knowledge

What are the distinguishing features of folding saws, and how do they differ from traditional non-folding saws?

Folding saws, as the name suggests, have a unique folding design that sets them apart from traditional, non-folding saws. Their defining feature is the hinged blade that can be folded into the handle for compact storage and portability. This design makes them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, as they can easily fit into a backpack or pocket, making them convenient for a wide range of applications.

What are the specific benefits of folding bushcraft saws, and how are they utilized in bushcraft and outdoor activities?

Folding bushcraft saws are a subset of folding saws, designed with the rugged requirements of bushcraft and outdoor activities in mind. These saws typically have a sturdy, toothed blade capable of cutting through wood, branches, and even bone. Their compact size and folding mechanism make them a versatile tool for activities such as shelter-building, firewood collection, and crafting wilderness tools. With their ability to handle a variety of cutting tasks, they are highly regarded by survivalists, campers, and bushcraft enthusiasts.

What distinguishes folding flip saws from other folding saws, and how do they cater to specific applications?

Folding flip saws are a subcategory of folding saws known for their ability to cut on both the push and pull strokes. This unique feature enhances their cutting efficiency, making them popular among gardeners, arborists, and woodworking enthusiasts. These saws typically have a replaceable blade, which is advantageous when working with various materials. The folding mechanism provides safe and easy storage, making them ideal for both professional and recreational use.

How do folding hand saws find utility in various everyday tasks, and what are their notable characteristics?

Folding hand saws are versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of tasks in the garden, while camping, or even for DIY projects around the house. Their compact size and folding capability make them easy to carry and store. These saws usually feature sharp, serrated blades that can cut through wood, plastic, and bone, making them valuable for pruning branches, cutting pipe, or even preparing kindling for a campfire. The ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip, making them user-friendly and suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.

Our folding saws come in various forms, each designed with specific features and applications in mind. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, working on outdoor projects, or tackling everyday tasks, folding saws offer the convenience of portability, the efficiency of a sharp blade, and a folding mechanism for easy storage. Understanding the distinctions between folding saw varieties can help you select the right tool for your needs, whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, a woodworking enthusiast, or someone simply looking for a reliable and compact cutting tool.

Folding saws represent a versatile and compact solution for a wide range of cutting tasks. Their unique folding design allows for easy portability and convenient storage, making them invaluable tools for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, gardeners, and professionals alike. Folding saws come in various specialized forms, including folding bushcraft saws, folding flip saws, and folding hand saws, each tailored to specific applications.

Whether you're out in the wilderness, tending to your garden, or simply need a reliable cutting tool for everyday tasks, the folding saw's compact size and efficient blade make it a practical choice. These saws combine the best of both worlds, offering the functionality of traditional saws with the added convenience of portability. So, for those seeking dependable cutting solutions on the go or in their day-to-day lives, folding saws have proven to be an invaluable addition to their toolkit.