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  • XL-1947 Back Saw

    XL-1947 Back Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1947 250 16/15 10/40 38.5*35.5*25.5
    XL-1947 300 17/16 10/40 43.5*35.5*25.5
    XL-1947 350 18/17 10/40 48.5*35.5*25.5

  • XL-1948 Back Saw

    XL-1948 Back Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1948 250 16/15 10/40 38.5*35.5*25.5
    XL-1948 300 17/16 10/40 43.5*35.5*25.5
    XL-1948 350 18/17 10/40 48.5*35.5*25.5

  • XL-1844 Back Saw

    XL-1844 Back Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1844  250 16/15 10/40 38.5*35.5*25.5
    XL-1844  300 17/16 10/40 43.5*35.5*25.5
    XL-1844  350 18/17 10/40 48.5*35.5*25.5

  • XL-1942 Back Saw

    XL-1942 Back Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1942 300 7.5/7 12pcs 41*33.5*46

  • XL-1943 Back Saw

    XL-1943 Back Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1943 300 6/5.6 12pcs 44.5*26.8*24

  • XL-1849 Back Saw

    XL-1849 Back Saw

    Product name L (mm) Ctn (g.w./n.w.) Package Meas/ctn (cn)
    XL-1849 300 7.8/7.3 12pcs 42*34.5*47

Back Saw

Back saws feature teeth that face upward, which makes it easier to maneuver and control in tight spaces.
Back saws typically have double-sided teeth, a design that allows the back saw to cut in both push and pull directions, increasing cutting efficiency.
Our back saws are usually used in conjunction with an angle saw, which is a support tool used to cut a specific angle, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the cut, and also provides convenience for the work.


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Back Saw Industry knowledge

The Versatility of Back Saws

Back saws are essential tools in the world of woodworking. They are known for their precision and reliability in making accurate cuts, especially in fine woodworking projects. Back saws come in various types, including the double edge back saw, tenon saw, and woodwork backsaw, each designed for specific applications. Whether you're working on a dovetail joint or crafting intricate joinery, back saws offer the versatility needed to achieve professional results.

The Precision of Double Edge Back Saws

Double edge back saws are making waves in the woodworking industry due to their exceptional precision. These saws, featuring teeth on both edges of the blade, are ideal for creating clean and sharp cuts in a variety of materials. Whether you're a woodworker, carpenter, or DIY enthusiast, the double edge back saw's ability to cut on both the push and pull strokes provides ultimate control and efficiency. With their fine-toothed blades, they excel at tasks like cutting moldings, trim, and fine joinery work, ensuring that every cut is a work of art.

The Art of Tenon Saws in Joinery

Tenon saws have long been regarded as indispensable tools in the world of joinery. These saws are specifically designed for making tenon joints, a common and crucial element in woodworking. Tenon saws typically have a stiff, fine-toothed blade that offers unmatched precision when cutting tenons, dovetails, and other intricate joints. Woodworkers appreciate their ability to make straight and smooth cuts, ensuring that their joinery projects come together flawlessly. With tenon saws, the art of woodworking meets the science of precision.

The Craftsmanship of Woodwork Backsaws

Woodwork backsaws are synonymous with craftsmanship and quality in the woodworking industry. These saws are carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of precision and durability. The combination of a well-balanced design, sharp teeth, and a comfortable handle ensures that woodwork backsaws are the tool of choice for professionals and enthusiasts who demand excellence. Whether you're creating fine furniture, cabinetry, or detailed moldings, these backsaws are a testament to the artistry of woodworking.

The world of back saws is a testament to the art and precision of woodworking. Whether you're working with a double edge back saw, tenon saw, or woodwork backsaw, each type of back saw has its unique qualities and applications. These saws are a cut above the rest, offering woodworkers the control and accuracy they need to bring their projects to life. As the industry continues to evolve, back saws remain at the forefront of craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring that every cut is a masterpiece of precision and quality.

Back saws are a category of saws designed for precise and controlled cutting in various woodworking and joinery applications. Their distinctive features, including a stiff blade, fine teeth, and often, a reinforced back, make them the go-to choice for achieving accurate and clean cuts. Whether it's a tenon saw, dovetail saw, or any other type of back saw, these tools offer woodworkers and craftsmen the ability to create intricate joinery, fine furniture, and delicate woodworking projects with unmatched precision. When it comes to crafting masterpieces in wood, back saws are an essential component of any woodworker's toolkit.