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Saws and Luban

During the Warring States period, our country had an inventor named Luban. Over the past two thousand years, his name and his story have been spread among the people, descendants of carpenters, he has been honored as the founder.

Legend has it that once he went into the mountains to cut trees, he accidentally, slipped a hand was pierced leaf weeds, oozing blood, he gently touched off the blade, and both sides had long sharp leaves teeth, he used these dense teeth gently on the back of a draw, actually cut a hole. His hand was cut by these small teeth, and he also saw the great locust tree weeds have bars, two large die also lined with many small teeth, they can quickly grind blades. Luban gets inspiration from two things. He thought if this toothed tool can not quickly saw off the trees yet! So, he passed several tests, and
nally invented a sharp saw, greatly improving efficiency.

Luban tool to this new invention has a name, called "Saw." This is the origin of the saw, also the story about Luban's invention saw!